Wings and Ale Experience

Columbia, SC

Thursday just another day in quarantine. Working away in Columbia. 

Got a club sandwich with steak fries.

Now looking at it. Looks like your normal club, you know what your getting. But I’m going to compare this to a small party at a friends house. Yes it’s reliable you know your going to have a good time. Everyone you know is there, Ham, Turkey, bacon, cheese .everyone has their role and it’s time for a good time. Then boom your best friend walks in calling for shots shots shots, that’s were this club has a pesto mayo that hits you with a surprise but totally in a good way. And much like a house party this sandwich also has that sweet girl comforting you making sure everyone is safe, because this sandwich doesn’t bring just American cheese it comforts and soothes with the Swiss as well. This is definitely a cool, comforting, and tasty sandwich.

Now I got the steak fries and let me tell you these bad boys are golden and crispy and well they might be better than bounty paper towels at soaking up some booze.

I highly recommend Wings and Ale. Support your local restaurants the service was fast, cant wait to try more of the menu and put down a few beers and shots with a meal.

And look at that my fav shot right next to the wing and ale sign. Perfection

The Almost Empty Freezer

This is a post I have been meaning to put up for awhile. I am trying to get more focused on the blog and see where it can lead. In these crazy days it felt like a good time to fire it up and give people a distraction. So here we go.

Yes this blog is mostly about food, but food comes from and can take you many places. This is about an almost empty freezer at my grandparents house.


I am up here with my family helping get the house ready for sale and to move things out. This is no ordinary freezer. This is a basement freezer. It is currently filled with things for my parents to munch on, and a cake probably left over from my grandmothers memorial which is only fitting since this same freezers held hundreds if not thousands of cakes over the decades.

Whenever I came up there were also at least 5 cake options from recipes she would have found and wanted me to my siblings to try. Sounds like a magical place right. Only there was a catch. We would be tasting the grand ideas from 5 years ago. The fresh stuff had to bunk in the freezer and marinate for years. Now in all honesty she was a pretty good baker and these 5 year old treats weren’t half bad in fact if they were fresh I’d say they would be quite decedent.

The freezer has other stories such as the 7 year old fresh squeezed lemonade. My brother brought it upstairs it was one of those jugs you get from a fresh farmers market. The kind that is perfect on a summer day. This however had a date a few or more than a few years past. We laughed then well through in a little vodka and a few drinks later the bottle is empty. Have to admit it wasn’t half bad, got a good buzz, didn’t die a win win win in my book.

My favorite freezer story though is of my father. One trip we are hanging around the house having a good time. We are mostly down in the basement playing pool. My dad decides to go scouring for food. He enters the freezer and finds a box of chocolate cover graham crackers from some fancy place in New York. Now these are the unicorn of the freezer . These are fresh and brand new. He proceeds to eat one, tells us how wonderful they are and even shares a few bites. But since he shared he had to get another of his own. By that time my grandmother came down and then proceeded to scold him for eating her treats. The siblings and I knew where we stood then. Fresh treats off limits. So I end with this. Food can take you on magical journeys even the oldest smallest bite or drink can take you back in time.


In the beginning. Eat, laugh and love. An intro to chadsalfagrub.

So, let’s get this ball rolling. Welcome to my world of writing about food. I am the proverbial skinny fat kid, well except for the fact that I’m now 5’6 170. But I promise I’m working on it, and with that promise also comes another a promise that I will be that fat kid for this blog and for your pure enjoyment. I promise to down the most decadent of cakes, pies and more. the most mother watering pastas, barbecues and other delights. I will take your recommendations then sprinkle my magical whit into a literary foodgasum.

I come by my love of food and destroying food by the most common of ways. My family. My grandmothers probably started it. One was known for freebasing Haagen-Dazs
by the pint while the other would sit over a stove and drench rice crispes in butter and another fat called marshmallows. Then down the line you have my father. I used the word destroy earlier and I’ll use it again he is legendary for destroying Oreos and by destroying the formula goes like this. For most people one cookie is just that one cookie for him one cookie equals well I’ll be nice and just say one row, basic math for you.
My mother well let’s just say the ups truck is finally backing up to the house with the pallet of ferrero rochers. Buying in bulk really does save. So I come upon my love of food honestly and yes I know some will say I’m being mean but trust me I’m no angel just ask the two boxes of thin mints or should I say former thin mints.
I know if you read my writings about food. You will find hidden gems, have midnight cravings and will totally have some wtf moments. Now daddy needs some pasta so subscribe to my nonsense and enjoy the ride.