Wings and Ale Experience

Columbia, SC

Thursday just another day in quarantine. Working away in Columbia. 

Got a club sandwich with steak fries.

Now looking at it. Looks like your normal club, you know what your getting. But I’m going to compare this to a small party at a friends house. Yes it’s reliable you know your going to have a good time. Everyone you know is there, Ham, Turkey, bacon, cheese .everyone has their role and it’s time for a good time. Then boom your best friend walks in calling for shots shots shots, that’s were this club has a pesto mayo that hits you with a surprise but totally in a good way. And much like a house party this sandwich also has that sweet girl comforting you making sure everyone is safe, because this sandwich doesn’t bring just American cheese it comforts and soothes with the Swiss as well. This is definitely a cool, comforting, and tasty sandwich.

Now I got the steak fries and let me tell you these bad boys are golden and crispy and well they might be better than bounty paper towels at soaking up some booze.

I highly recommend Wings and Ale. Support your local restaurants the service was fast, cant wait to try more of the menu and put down a few beers and shots with a meal.

And look at that my fav shot right next to the wing and ale sign. Perfection

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I am Chad Steiner. I will be your conductor on an amazing journey. I will tell stories, give reviews, share sarcasm, and make you want more all through the ride of life through the vessel of food.

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