In the beginning. Eat, laugh and love. An intro to chadsalfagrub.

So, let’s get this ball rolling. Welcome to my world of writing about food. I am the proverbial skinny fat kid, well except for the fact that I’m now 5’6 170. But I promise I’m working on it, and with that promise also comes another a promise that I will be that fat kid for this blog and for your pure enjoyment. I promise to down the most decadent of cakes, pies and more. the most mother watering pastas, barbecues and other delights. I will take your recommendations then sprinkle my magical whit into a literary foodgasum.

I come by my love of food and destroying food by the most common of ways. My family. My grandmothers probably started it. One was known for freebasing Haagen-Dazs
by the pint while the other would sit over a stove and drench rice crispes in butter and another fat called marshmallows. Then down the line you have my father. I used the word destroy earlier and I’ll use it again he is legendary for destroying Oreos and by destroying the formula goes like this. For most people one cookie is just that one cookie for him one cookie equals well I’ll be nice and just say one row, basic math for you.
My mother well let’s just say the ups truck is finally backing up to the house with the pallet of ferrero rochers. Buying in bulk really does save. So I come upon my love of food honestly and yes I know some will say I’m being mean but trust me I’m no angel just ask the two boxes of thin mints or should I say former thin mints.
I know if you read my writings about food. You will find hidden gems, have midnight cravings and will totally have some wtf moments. Now daddy needs some pasta so subscribe to my nonsense and enjoy the ride.


Published by chadsalfagrub

I am Chad Steiner. I will be your conductor on an amazing journey. I will tell stories, give reviews, share sarcasm, and make you want more all through the ride of life through the vessel of food.

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